Visualisation, PLC function and remote maintenance

The C6 HMI-LC combines everything in one device - "all-in-one" being the directive in this case.

The user interface is the face of the machine - in this context, KEB visualisation is setting the trend in terms of graphics properties, user comfort and flexible adaptation to different screen sizes.

Providing an attractive appearance - namely the comfortable projection of user-friendly and well thought-out visualisation - does not have to be difficult; that is the function performed by the development environment of COMBIVIS studio HMI.

As part of the new series, these properties are expanded with the classic PLC functions and an EtherCAT Master - the result is an especially powerful and efficient control unit, and the best conditions for complete automation, in order to take care of movement tasks in addition to process tasks.

The integrated function of KEB remote maintenance rounds off the new C6 HMI-LC, and allows for remote access to PLC, visualisation and drive without additional hardware.

With the C6 HMI-LC, KEB as a system provider offers a product where a cost-effective solution is the key to success.