The new C6 Industrial PC series

The new generation of IPCs, C6 and C6 E22 P30 is based on the latest fan less multi-core architecture and are available in various designs such as panel, box and in future also in book design.

The new IPC series provides resistive or capacitive touch technology that allows the user in combination with the KEB HMI functionality a modern and efficient approach to the human-machine interface. The big number of different display sizes between 10.1" and 24" offer the right choice for every application.

The new system memory concept separates the application layer of the operating system level. This safe isolation has the great advantage of the high and reliable system stability. Mainly focused on the usability in the foreground, it allows users to transfer data to another system in case of need.

The KEB IPCs are designed for real industrial applications; in addition to the robustness this philosophy will have a return of investment for KEB users in the direction of a long lifetime and long term availability.

The KEB-user can select a customized product that suits his application regarding motion control and / or man-machine interface including secure remote maintenance from the system down to the drive or sensors connected; all this separately or in combination.