In the system - the new DL3 motors - high dynamics, best overload

In combination with the synchronous servomotors of the DL3 series, available in six sizes and three lengths each, COMBIVERT S6 services nominal torques from 0.5 Nm to 25.0 Nm.

A two and a half times short-time current creates excellent dynamics by exploiting an up to five times overload of the motors. Efficiencies above 95 percent meet the current requirements for energy efficiency for machines and equipment.

Depending on the accuracies to be achieved, the DL3 servomotors are optionally available with robust resolvers or high-resolution single and multi-turn absolute encoders. The latter encoders feature an electronic name plate, which ensures the rapid, comfortable, safe and simple start-up of motor and servo drive.

On the motor side, the system is rounded off with the fitting KEB planetary gearheads for speed adjustment, and cables for feedback and performance, which are available in flexible lengths ranging from one to 50 metres.