Fully automated production / the new KEB Automotive production line

Quality is a key factor in the decision to purchase a product, and is also the guarantee for a long-term customer-supplier relationship that is beneficial to both parties.

KEB meets this requirement in many areas of the machine and equipment building sector, and has optimised the production of electro-magnetic clutches and brakes in vehicles for the Automotive segment. 

What is required is a "zero error" strategy. This objective can only be achieved with permanently functional processes during the production of the components, final product assembly and functional testing. With the new Automotive production line, all assembly processes with functional relevance from the FMEA process are executed automatically, and the parameters that have been entered are compared and stored in a manner that can be tracked. 

The automated functional test (EOL = End of Line test) is an integral part of the assembly line. As part of the final process step, the data that is relevant for identification and tracking purposes is identified with a laser system (solvent- and corrosion-resistant), along with the Delta Matrix Code. 

"Zero errors" for customers, thanks to a consistently thought-out and permanently-monitored assembly line!