Escalator 4.0 - with KEB system solution

KEB used its many years of experience in escalator operation in the practical implementation of the control and drive technology of this complex new installation design.

The superimposed system control monitors data from the converters in real time, ensuring synchronized, smooth drive in all operating situations.

KEB has been supplying COMBIVERT F5 frequency converters and COMBICONTROL C5 embedded control systems since 2008. The planned construction time for the Elbe Philharmonic Hall was substantially exceeded, but, regardless of the risks entailed, final commissioning and handover were concluded without any reservations. For new installations of this sort, the COMBIVERT F6 enhanced drive controller version and the new COMBICONTROL C6-SMART IPC control (Link to video) are now available.

A few months later a further addition was made in actual operation. At the request of KONE engineers, remote access to the system was introduced. The easy retro-fit COMBICONTROL C6 Router offered the right solution, incorporating existing installations swiftly and economically in terms of tasks and challenges in relation to the Industry 4.0 programms.

Access via the router enables authorised persons to connect to the installation at any time, to check parameters, and even to optimize or change the program.
The background work of the router is even more important; all relevant operating parameters are logged and consulted for analysis of operation. This is invaluable in particular in analysing the cause and remedying the fault in the event of failure.

Preventive maintenance functions enable detection and identification of incipient failure states before they result in shutdown of operation. For this, the router constantly analyses key operating data and can communicate any anomalies to customer support by SMS or e-mail.

Wherever data are collected, the question of data security inevitably arises. This includes security against hacker attack. COMBIVIS connect is tested and certified for this according to BSI (Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik) specifications.

The question also arises as to what happens to sensitive data collected. In contrast to many other solutions, the data collected are not stored in a cloud, but locally on the C6-Router. The user therefore remains owner of his own data and can then make a conscious decision as to what happens to it. Naturally, interfaces to common databases are also available so that onward transmission of data presents no problems and, if required, can become a part of IoT (Internet of Things) and "Big Data".