Corpus press without control – how does it work?

Innovative machine concepts often start with the selection of the control – that it can be done quite differently shows the solution with the new carcass press MPH450 from company Homag Automation.

Integrated functions of inverters reduce the expenditure in the control level – with the current features of the drive control KEB COMBIVERT G6 it is possible to map the control of the drive axles during the process steps of a carcass press completely internally. Thus the MPH450 Advanced functions without a superior control. The result is an economical and particularly powerful solution combined with compact machine dimensions thanks to the tidy control cabinet.

Designed for the use in the trade, the carcass press MPH 450 Advanced takes over the full-surface and right-angled pressing of furniture carcasses. The heart of the machine is the simplified drive and control concept with two COMBIVERT G6 frequency inverters for the X and Y axis of the pressing task.
By means of a switch contact the user can choose between two pressing speeds which are stored in the drive controllers. A potentiometer over the analog input of the frequency inverter serves for the adjustment of the pressing power.

The sequence of pressing, i.e. approach of the carcass to be pressed, the pressing procedure itself and release of the finished carcass, is taken over by the frequency inverters with different  index parameterizations, which corresponds approximately to the sequence of steps which automatically run through internal inputs and outputs as well as states. As another decisive factor the G6 also provides an internal error management.

The features of COMBIVERT G6 accomplish far more than just a motor control and allow the complete elimination of the otherwise necessary superior control.