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Electric drive solutions for commercial vehicles and mobile machinery

Challenges such as climate change, rising raw material prices and dwindling resources are increasingly drawing global attention to electromobility. Especially in cities, new mobility concepts can help to solve environmental problems and thus improve the quality of life sustainably.
Electrification of the drive train and demand-oriented control of auxiliary units improves the energy efficiency of vehicles and thus makes a major contribution to reducing pollutant and noise emissions.

Public Transport

No Description
1 Air conditioning compressor 1
2 Power steering
3 Water pump / Ventilation pump
4 Air compressor
5 Air conditioning compressor 2
  Range of built-in devices

"Last mile" - delivery and logistic

Nr. Description
1 Air conditioning compressor 1
2 Water pump / Ventilation motor
3 Air compressor
4 Power steering pump
5 Hydraulic pump for loading bays
  Range of built-in devices

Agricultural machinery

No Description
1 Water pump / Fan pump
2 Air compressor
3 Variable number of external attachments and applications
4 Air conditioning compressor

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