Bachelor of Science in Business Information Systems (B. Sc.)

Wolltest Du schon immer Fachmann/-frau für Computertechnik und Informations- sowie Kommunikationssysteme sein?

6 semesters

Block instruction, concurrent with on-the-job training

Hochschule Weserbergland (Hameln)

Entrance qualification for advanced technical college or university, or similar recognised qualification

    Basic level (first three semesters):

      • basic qualifications; technical, methodological and social competence
      • in-depth level: Practical application of competences gained at the basic level, specialisation, interdisciplinary project studies
      • Selection of specialisation areas in 5th and 6th semester: Data warehouse, Network security, Software design, Web engineering
      • 6th semester: Bachelor dissertation and presentation/defence 
    • Compilation of company structures, solving complex issues and problems
    • competence in business administration studies and informatics, support management in different business and information technology related areas: design, planning, development, implementation, operation, further development and business application of operational information
    • communication processes to improve business processes of organisations