Why KEB?

We’re one of the leading providers of drive and automation technology. Ever since our company was founded in 1972, our corporate culture has been defined by our team spirit – we know we can only be successful together.

We’ve been offering apprentices and students the highest level of training for many years, and we really believe in the concept of in-house development. Our employees are given a wide range of opportunities to develop their skills and build a career, opening up careers as experts and leaders. Many of our specialists, team leaders and division managers – and even some of our executives – started their careers at KEB. We’re proud of that.

Our corporate values

We’re a family business with a corporate culture founded upon collaboration. We are KEB.

  • We believe in openness, honesty and trust.
  • We’re a team.
  • We’re interested in people and treat them with appreciation and respect.
  • We work together to ensure the success of our company.
  • We keep moving and developing.
  • We encourage open communication.
  • We strengthen the region.
  • We promote sustainability. 


Our benefits

Employees at KEB work on high-quality solutions for drive and automation technology with the ambition of driving the company forward and developing themselves in the process. We promote this by rewarding their commitment with numerous benefits:

  • Attractive wages based on a strong collective bargaining agreement
  • Flexible working hours
  • Optional company pension scheme
  • In-house canteen in Barntrup with subsidised meals
  • Personal qualification courses
  • Travel allowance from a certain distance between home and work
  • Ergonomic workspaces
  • Subsidised spectacles for computer work 
  • Company medical care
  • Financial donation for marriage, silver wedding and anniversaries
  • Structured Onboarding


We promote sustainability

Our company attaches great importance to the protection of the environment and sustainability. We know the environment is polluted by our production processes and the necessary consumption of energy and raw materials. That’s why we want to keep our carbon footprint as low as possible. We actively shape the sustainability of our products throughout their entire lifecycle.

Product design

We aim to minimise the consumption of resources throughout the entire lifecycle of our products by developing a suitable design.


Raw materials

We act responsibly when sourcing our raw materials to ensure their sustainability.



We invest in new technologies to reduce the consumption of natural and man-made resources and the amount of manufacturing waste.



We continuously develop effective processes for the packaging and transportation of our products.



Our high-performance products and system solutions are designed to reduce our customers’ consumption levels.



We develop our products in such a way that they can be fed into the waste cycle after use and mostly recycled.


We can also promote sustainability through our products. Our constant objective is to create products that generate savings.

Wind energy with P6

E-mobility – controlling auxiliary drives with T6

Regenerative drive units – harnessing excess energy